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13 Healthy Foods To Increase Breast Milk

There are certain foods that increase breast milk and enhance lactation. Breast milk contains all the prime nutrients required for an overall growth and brain development of a newborn baby. Here is a list of the top foods that you must include in your diet to increase breast milk. These are best foods to increase breast milk production & are great in terms of bringing you back to health, as well as aid in milk production.

Top Healthy Foods To Increase Breast Milk:

1. Beetroot and Carrots:

Both carrots and beetroot contain a good amount of beta-carotene, which is said to increase the supply of breast milk. Also, beta-carotene is beneficial for the overall growth of newborn babies. Plus, these vegetables are high in minerals and nutrients that a nursing mother needs.
  • A glass of carrot juice with breakfast or lunch will work wonders in lactation. Like spinach, carrots too have lactation promoting qualities. 
  •  It contains Vitamin A which complements lactation and boosts the quality of your milk. You can have carrots as raw, steamed or even pureed to a soup. 
  • In winters, try having pureed carrots stirred with warm milk and sugar.
  • Put two carrots and two beetroots in a juicer to make fresh juice. Add salt or honey as per taste.
  • Drink it twice daily for several weeks. Alternatively, you can make a healthy salad or soup of carrots and beetroots and eat them daily to increase the supply of breast milk.

2. Spinach:

  • Breastfeeding increases your caloric needs and your need for certain vitamins and minerals.
  • Spinach is a good source of calcium, iron, Vitamin K, A, and folate. 
  • Folate (or folic acid) is particularly important for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Dark leafy green vegetables like spinach also contain phytoestrogens. 
  • Phytoestrogens, which are believed to promote breast tissue health and lactation, are plant-based chemicals that have similar properties as oestrogen.

3. Brown Rice:

Brown Rice

  • Brown rice gives nursing moms the extra energy that is required post-delivery. 
  • It has certain chemicals that help normalize the mood swings and sleep pattern. 
  • It helps increase the appetite. It has hormone stimulants which boost lactation. 
  • Opt for brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice also helps maintain sugar levels in the blood.

4. Basil Leaves:

Basil Leaves

  • Basil leaves are a great source of anti-oxidants. 
  • Basil leaves have a calming effect which is important while lactating. 
  • It boosts your little one’s immunity levels. Add a few basil sprigs in your tea. 
  • Leave the sprigs for a while in hot water. H
  • ave this water first thing in the morning and experience the effect.

5. Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds

  • Fenugreek seeds have been used for ages to increase breast milk supply and now there is research to back this ancient belief. 
  • Research has shown that fenugreek or fenugreek seeds increases milk supply. 
  • Some doctors say that if you include fenugreek seeds in your diet, you will have an increased supply of milk within a week. Besides, fenugreek seeds are a great source of iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals.
  • But be careful not to consume too much as it is a mild diuretic and you may end up losing a lot of water. 
  • Fenugreek tea is a popular drink given to new mothers. 
  • Fenugreek seeds are can be added to many dishes, especially vegetables, and meat dishes.


  • Oatmeal has long been recommended as a way for moms to boost their milk supply.
  • Researchers know that oatmeal has properties in it that help to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy blood pressure. 
  • These properties in oatmeal may also help with other functions in the body including lactation.
  • Nutrition may not be the only reason why oatmeal is good for breastfeeding moms though.
  • Oatmeal is a comfort food. 
  • When a woman sits down and eats a bowl of oatmeal, it may help her to relax, which in turn may cause her body to release oxytocin (a hormone involved in milk production). 
  • In addition, being relaxed may help with the milk let-down process.

7. Garlic:


  • Among its many curative properties, garlic is said to help in increasing breast milk supply.
  • Studies have shown that the infants of mothers who eat garlic tend to feed for a longer time, and many babies seem to like the flavor in breast milk. 
  • Garlic milk is a popular traditional post-delivery drink given to nursing mums.

8. Hummus:

Beans, Lentils, Peas

  • Legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, lima beans, or green beans, are frequently used lactogenic foods. 
  • Hummus, which is traditionally made from chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil, is a perfect snack for breastfeeding moms. 
  • It is a complete protein, and the combination of chickpeas and garlic (another galactagogue) makes this nutrient dense snack, a top choice for nursing moms.

9. Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds boost the quantity of your breast milk.
  • They are digestives and help control baby-colic.
  • Fennel seeds can be added along with seasonings to vegetable fillings. Add them to your tea or boil a few seeds with milk and drink up.
  • Pop in a few seeds after a meal as a mouth refresher.

10. Cumin Seeds:

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds boost milk supply. Make sure you have them in moderation though.
  • These are appetizers and fat-burners.
  • Add a pinch of cumin powder to milk or to butter milk and drink.
  • Cumin seeds are said to improve digestion and provide relief from constipation, acidity and bloating. 
  • They are also a source of iron to help you gain strength after birth.

11.Water and Juices:



Drinking water and juices is supposed to boost lactation. It increases the total milk volume per feed.
  • It prevents you from dehydration and replaces fluid lost during lactation.
  • Have a glass of water when you are thirsty or even before you begin to nurse your baby.

12. Almonds:

  • Almonds are rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin E helps and heal itching caused by post pregnancy stretch marks.
  • Omega-3 helps in lactation boosting hormones to help produce more milk.
  • crushed almonds with milk for greater effect.
  • Add almonds to your bowl of oat meal.

13. Drumsticks:


Drumstick has high iron and calcium content.

  • It is good for lactation.
  • It boosts immunity and enhances your nervous system.
  • Have it steamed with flavouring if you want.
  • Drumstick leaves also can be used along with vegetable fillings.

Things to avoid:

Apart from what to eat, you also need to take care what not to include in your diet. Try to avoid foods like potato, pulses, raw mango and raw banana as these may generate gas. If you are a vegan, take nutrient supplements instead of animal food products. It is always advisable to consult your doctor first before adding anything to your post-pregnancy diet.

More Tips:

  • Keep the body hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.
  • Follow a nutritious diet and try to increase your daily calorie intake.
  • Improve the latching position so that both you and baby are comfortable during feeding sessions.
  • Frequently breastfeed your baby. The more you breastfeed, the more milk will be generated.
  • Breastfeed your baby from one breast until it becomes empty, and then switch to the next one.
  • Use a breast-pump to pump milk for about 15 minutes every two to three hours to increase breast milk supply.
  • Do not smoke or drink during the breastfeeding period.


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