Monday, 29 June 2015

Popsicle Stick Photo Frame - Using Different colors of Ice Cream Sticks

How to make photo frame with Popsicle sticks in simple steps at home. Follow the below steps to make a simple yet colorful photo frames at home. By using medium or large size colorful ice cream sticks, depends upon the photo size we use it. 

photo frame by popsicle stick

Step by step material required to prepare Popsicle stick photo frame:


1. Glue
2. Different colors of  Ice cream sticks
3. Photo sheet


1.  One Fevicol Glue to stick the ice cream sticks to make photo frame,

fevicol glue

2. Four Green color ice cream sticks are used as base for the photo frame,

four green  color sticks

3. Two Blue color ice cream sticks, 

two blue color sticks

4. Two Red color ice cream sticks,

2 red color sticks
5. Two Purple color ice cream sticks,

two purple color sticks

6. Two Yellow color ice cream sticks,

two yellow color

7. Three Orange color ice cream sticks,

4 orange sticks

Step by step Preparation Process to make Popsicle photo frame:

Step 1:

Take four green color  ice cream sticks and join them in horizontally as shown below:

two green sticks separately joining

Step 2:

Take two blue color ice cream sticks and join them as shown in the below picture:

joining blue colorsticks

Step 3:

Join a small size one ice cream stick in the middle on the green sticks as show below:
paste small white color stick in middle

Step 4:

Join two red color ice cream sticks horizontally in the middle of green color sticks as shown below:
adding red color sticks

Step 5:

Join two purple color ice cream sticks as shown below:
frame is ready

Step 6:

Take three orange color sticks, these sticks are used to support the photo frame for Step 5.
four orange sticks

Step 7:

1. Now, on the orange sticks paste two green color by giving little bit space to keep another stick in slant. 

adding green color sticks on orange stick

Step 8:

1. Take one yellow color stick place in the middle of green sticks and paste it.

joining yellow stick to get support


1. Now, in step 5 we prepared the frame just join it to the step 8 

photo frame joining to the supporter
supporter ice cream sticks

2.  Our photo frame is ready by adding any photo paper in them middle of sticks of that shape.

popsicle stick photo frame


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