Monday, 22 June 2015

Singapore Transportation System

Singapore has the most efficient transportation system in the world. Each and every place in Singapore is very well connected with trains and buses. Railway transportation is called as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

mrt train in singapore

Train Routes:

Singapore has 5 MRT routes which can be identified by different colors.
1. North East Line - Purple Line
2. Circle Line - Yellow Line
3. East West Line - Green Line
4. North South Line - Red Line
5. Downtown Line - Blue Line

Downtown line is the latest route and Stage 1 has been completed and currently in use. There is one more line ('Thomas East Coast Line') that is not yet started. Two more stages are still under construction.

singapore new mrt in downtown line

In all MRTs, MRT Stations and buses, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited. MRT maps are available at the aiport and at all the MRT's. Ticketing system for both buses and trains are very sophisticated.

In mrt trains seating system

We can purchase MRT cards at all MRTs. While purchasing the card, Traveler can check validity of the cards. We can also purchase a day pass in any MRT which would be valid for one day.

MRT Card Usage:

singapore mrt card
  • Passengers need to tap their MRT card while entering the station and it would display the available balance in the display machine. Also, you can check the trip cost when you tap again at the exit. Passengers can reload/recharge the card with cash and debit cards at all MRTs. Passengers can also use the MRT cards at the selected merchants within Singapore.
Singapore MRT card Taping place at stations
  • Debit/ATM cards which has MRT symbol can also be used as MRT cards.
  • Understanding the MRT routes is very simple. However, it would be easy if you have the map or soft copy of the map if you are a tourist or new to Singapore.
  • Child passengers taller than 0.9 meters need MRT card. Child passengers have rebate in the fares.
  • Free travel is available before 7.45 am and $0.50 early travel rebate between 7.45 am - 8 am, when a passenger taps the MRT card at an entry gate at the station outside the city area and taps out at the MRT Station inside the city area.

MRT Route Map:

singapore mrt route map

Useful Tips for Commuters:

  • Train operation hours are from 5:30am to about midnight daily and are usually extended during festival periods.
  • Train frequency on week days in peak hours ( 7AM to 9AM and 5PM to 9PM) is about 2 to 4 minutes and 5 to 10 minutes in off-peak time.
  • Be mindful of the gap between the train doors and the platform when you are alighting or boarding the train. Do not rush to board when the door closing chime and announcements play.


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